Is It Really Necessary to Go College?

It is an obvious question that everybody asks, is college really needed for a successful life? Are you doing it just for the sake of people and the friends who are going? Are your parents, teachers or peers forcing you to go? Or you must be going because it is a necessity.

However, here are some quick facts that will actually make you think twice on the same topic.

1.  College never give you jobs

You go to the college just because you like education. You give them some money to make you train them for the desired subject. They do not give you job but they make you well-educated so that you can perform well in the interviews for job. Your job availability depends solely on your network, interviews, connections and resumes.

You can try an internship program instead of going to a college. That would actually increase the chances of settling before anybody could. You can even have internship for being a Lynnwood locksmith.

2. Over-hyped experiences of college:

In college you get a little more freedom than you can have in the office. High school when extended becomes college.

While working you cannot eat pizza, meet constant opposite gender to hang out or drink. Statistically speaking, 50 percent of the students only can complete their degree. In fact, most of the people take more than 4 years to complete one degree; rest of the 50 percent drop out as they find it boring.

You do not have to go to college to find success.